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Split Deal Account

  • Deal with Music specializes on all Dance, Electronic, Pop, Lounge, Chill Music, so if you want to distribute your music under this account we need to approve your release.
  • You don't pay anything upfront; you share with us your digital royalties on a spilt 30% - 70% in your favor, so 70% is for you.
  • The music you want to distribute under this account can be either unreleased music or already released music. If it has already been released we will re-compile it into new releases (single, ep, but mainly compilations). The tracks in your release can be re-released included into other compilations, giving extra exposure to your music and extra chances to sell.

  • Your music will be treated according to Bacci Bros Record's promotion plans (www.baccibros.com).
  • There is a cost of £5 per track per release that we recoup on your sales. This means that we take the initial £5 earned by the song; in every release it is included.
  • This is to recoup the costs of digitalization, storing and delivering. You could be offered a publishing deal with Bacci Bros Records, giving you more possibilities of income and promotion for your music (TV, shops, commercials, etc..). This will be at Bacci Bros Records discretion.

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