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- Do I need a 'CD out' to do this?
- How can I increase my sales, can I just sit back?

Do I need a 'CD out' to do this?

No, the beauty of digital distribution is that you don't need to invest thousands in CD duplication to get your music out, it creates a level playing field where your music can be judged on merit rather than manufacturing muscle.

How can I increase my sales, can I just sit back?

There is a lot you can do: first of all take the promotion test!
iTunes Music Store, for example, is like a traditional record shop, a big one. You can have your stock on the shelves, but you still need to get people there to pick up on it. Obviously there is a fair amount of blind browsing, but there is still no substitute for good old-fashioned promotion. For example you can use iTunes Link Maker to create links from your own website to your entry in the iTunes Music Store. You can photocopy flyers with your iTunes details to give out at gigs (your public may not stretch to a CD sale at the door, but they may go online later in the week and buy something then). You can join message boards and forum to talk about your stuff and advertise the link where people can ‘hear and buy’ straight away.
Do you have any good examples of how sites have used the iTunes Link Maker?
A great example is the Downloads page on the Radiohead site.
Anyway remember to try our promotion test!