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- What do Deal With Music call a 'song'? How long can it be, and what makes up an album, EP or single?
- What about Music Videos?
- How do Explicit Lyrics work?
- My album, EP or single needs an album cover! How do I create/upload it?
- How long until my album, EP or single shows up in the stores/services I chose after I deliver everything needed to Deal With Music?

What do Deal With Music call a 'song'? How long can it be, and what makes up an album, EP or single?

Find out how we organize music into songs, albums, EPs and singles.
What can I name an album, EP, single or a song, or even my band?
Although you can choose almost any title you want for your album, EP or single and almost any song name for your songs, there are important restrictions:
* You cannot include in any name such reserved characters as a slash, an asterisk and others.
* Neither your band name, your album/EP/single name nor your song titles can be URLs or email addresses.
*Abnormal or unusual capitalization may be ignored or undone by the stores. Consider your listing in the stores as a catalogue entry, not a place to establish your identity with unusual capitalization.

What makes up a song?

We call a "song" (some people call them "tracks") any piece of music or sound that appears on an album, even if it's the only item on the album. No matter how short it is, it's still a song: every audio file you send us is considered a song, even if it's called "Part One" of a larger work. Songs are separate from one another, even if artistically they belong together as sections of a larger work.
How long can a song be?
A song can be as long as standard audio CD can hold: about 74 minutes. If your song is very long, it may not leave much room for other songs. Don't forget that an album/EP/single can only have 74 minutes of music on it, no matter how many songs it's divided into. If you have one song longer than 74 minutes, you can break it up into multiple albums/EPs/singles.
What makes up an album, an EP and a single?
We call an "album" anything from five songs to as many as you want. If your album has dozens and dozens of songs, you can still upload them, but remember, an album can hold no more than 74 minute's worth of songs, no matter how many songs it's divided into. For example, you can have an album with ten songs, each song about 7 1/2 minutes long. You might have an album with only one song that's 74 minutes. You might have lots of songs and they add up to less than 74 minutes. The only rule is an album can't be longer than 74 minutes.
An Ep would be more than 2 songs and maximum 4
We call a "single" any one song delivered on its own to a digital store. Technically, everything we deliver is an "album": a single is merely an album with one song. However, we've created special processes and special prices for singles and given them their own category. IMPORTANT: Anything that applies to albums applies to singles. So all singles must be 74 minutes or less, all singles require a UPC, and so on.
What if my album, EP or single is longer than 74 minutes?
If you have an album, EP or single longer than 74 minutes, or if you have an album, EP or single in many parts, Deal With Music can not deliver it as a ?one release’, no matter how few or many songs it's divided into, whether it's an album, EP or single. But some artists have double albums or albums with many parts. That's not a problem.
Simply divide your songs into multiple albums and treat each one as its own album. We recommend you give each album a title that shows it's part of a larger work. For example, if you have an album named "I love you" that has twenty songs totaling 100 minutes, you'll have to break it into two entirely separate albums you could call "I love you (Part One)" and "I love you (Part Two)" and divide the songs between the two so that neither album exceeds 74 minutes in length. The cost for each album will be calculated separately.
What about audiobooks?
Deal With Music can accept spoken word albums, EPs and singles as well and we can also deliver audiobook content to iTunes or the other stores. These will be treated with the same pricing of single songs.
Can I put some or all of my songs together into one or a few long songs?
Sure. But remember, an album, EP or single can never exceed 74 minutes in total, no matter how many songs it's divided into. It stands, therefore, that the limit on a single song is 74 minutes.

What about Music Videos?

We also accept music videos. These are our specs:
Video: MPEG2, 50Mbps, CBR.
Pixel ratios: PAL: 720x608 - NTSC: 720x512
Audio: Uncompressed PCM
* I-Frame only, 4:2:0 colour space, Native frame rate i.e. 25fps for PAL, 29.97fps for NTSC
* This may be interlaced
* All clocks removed
* Should include VBI
Uploading videos need to be treated separately and need to be discussed and agreed with us everytime you want to upload and sell videos. Send us an email

How do Explicit Lyrics work?

Albums, EPs or singles with explicit lyrics are permitted on iTunes and other stores, but they must be marked explicit. This is voluntary, but if it is later discovered your album, EP or single has explicit lyrics and you failed to indicate it, both Deal With Music and the stores/services reserve the right to remove it at any time, or it may be rejected right from the beginning.
IMPORTANT: Although the Deal With Music Web tool lets you mark individual songs explicit, right now if even ONE song on an album, EP or single is marked explicit, the ENTIRE ALBUM, EP or SINGLE will be marked explicit. There is no way to restrict it to a select few songs. It works just like the sticker affixed to the covers of CDs: it indicates the CD has explicit content, not just any given song. Please be aware of this.

My album, EP or single needs an album cover! How do I create/upload it?

We want you to have a unique album, EP or single cover artwork you can be proud of.
All Deal With Music customers can upload their own image by clicking the "Upload Image" link at step 4 of the uploading process.
IMPORTANT: Images cannot contain URLs or email addresses. Please remember that this is a small, "thumbnail" image that most likely already has text on it (the name of your band/artist and the album name, while not required, are strongly encouraged). It must be legible at small size and not blurry. The stores also require proper spelling and other professional touches, though "artistic" and intentional misspellings are acceptable. This is a gray area, please use your judgment, and remember that all the stores have the right to refuse or require different artwork.
No matter how you create it, please make sure your artwork meets all these requirements:
•    You fully own the rights to the image.
•    You have the rights to use the face or image of anyone in your artwork, especially if it's a photograph.
•    If someone else provided you the image, you have permission from them to use it.
•    No logos, trademarks or any other text or images can appear unless you own them or have permission from the owner(s) to use them. For example, you can not have a logo from a soda company, restaurant, gas station, store, etc., in the background. If things like that show up in your artwork, Deal With Music might ask you to prove you have ownership or permission.
•    No obscenity or pornography can appear in the image.
•    Words that appear in the image are spelled correctly and are legible
•    The image is not blurry or distorted.
•    The image is square.
•    The image does not include any "stickers" or indications of limited sale. For example, if your artwork has a blaze on it reading "iTunes U.S. Exclusive!" please make sure you deliver it only to iTunes U.S., or alter the artwork accordingly.
•    Remember: Deal With Music and its partners reserve the right to reject any artwork at any time for any reason.
If your image meets all these requirements, then upload it as a 800 x 800 pixel (or better, so long as it's square) .JPEG, .GIF, or .PNG file in best-quality RGB Color mode and at least 300 dpi. For best results, don't scale up smaller images, and don't submit anything that contains an embedded color profile. The most common reason why uploaded art doesn't look good is that the file you uploaded was not to specifications.

How long until my album, EP or single shows up in the stores/services I chose after I deliver everything needed to Deal With Music?

Once Deal With Music has received all of your required information, music, artwork and payment, we will import and digitalized your music with CI, leader in the technical delivery service and order the export in the relative stores, within few days! Yes, it's very fast.
However, once we deliver your music, it's up to the stores to get it onto their "shelves." Each of the stores/services you chose will treat your music with the same careful attention they provide for all their record labels and artists. However, for reasons entirely out of Deal With Music control, the amount of time it will take for your music to appear may vary. Here is the general rule (not a guarantee), from the moment Deal With Music receives the complete set of data (music, information, art, payment, files, etc.) for your album, EP or single, it should be up for sale on the stores you chose within six to eight weeks. Please allow time for this.
IMPORTANT: Once we deliver the music to the stores/services you chose, Deal With Music may or may not  have control over when your music will appear for sale. This is due to the extremely large amount of music that these stores receive everyday.
IMPORTANT: Some stores are slower than the other stores/services. We have no estimate on when music can be delivered to any particular store. Thank you for understanding and for being patient.
Here are some common things that can cause a delay:
•    Missing information is the most common delay. Before we can deliver your album, EP or single to the stores/services you chose, we need to have all of the required information, such as song/track names, title, etc. If any of the required information is missing, the delivery process will stop until the information is complete.
•    Music and art files not meeting the requirements will be rejected quickly, but art files that are blurry or unreadable may be rejected by the stores even if they get past our checks.
•    It is possible, for reasons out of Deal With music’s control, that it could take some time before your music appears in your chose stores/services. There is no way we can rush them. Once we've delivered your music and information, we can only wait patiently. To date, all Deal With Music partners have been very good with getting music into their stores/services quickly.